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Double Flap valve

We are Dobule Flap Valve Manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We manufacture and provide a wide assortment of material handling systems to cater to various industries.  For air lock applications, VG Engineers offers a full range of double flap valves. The double flap valve, like the rotary airlock valve, is used in pneumatic conveying systems, dust control equipment, and volumetric feed-controls to keep fluid flowing evenly through processing systems.

The flow balance in a Dobule Flap Valve, on the other hand, is achieved by two chambers. Double flap valves from VG Engineers have a non-wearing seal and can perform flawlessly under all forms of continuous process conditions. Extreme temperature ranges, abrasive, corrosive materials, and high-pressure differentials are also examples of this. We have a wide selection of double flap valves.

They’re widely used to transport dry solids between areas with different air pressures. VG Engineers makes rotary airlock feeders and double dump valves that are capable of handling a wide range of materials and pressures. Rotary Airlock Feeders and Double Flap Valves are usually made of carbon or stainless steel, with the internal components hard surfacing as required for the application.


Duble flap valve


  • Simple, robust structure
  • Long service life
  • Product loading without air leakage
  • Short overall length
  • Low maintenance and wear
  • Safe operation

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