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We are flash dryer manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We are backed by the sophisticated manufacturing unit we are able to offer premium quality flash dryers. Our range finds their applications in drying powders and granules, and crystalline material. Wet material goes through another process where they are diffused into a stream of hot air or gas which fetches through a drying duct. Product separation is also achieved by using cyclones or bag filters. Flash dryers are ideal for the processing of feed material such as powders, gels, slurries, granules, and flakes. Pastes or sticky material are processed by back mixing of the wet feed with a portion of dry product.

Some of the industries to which our flash dryers range caters to include the following:

  •  Food
  •  Mineral
  •  Polymer 
  •  Chemical
  •  High performance
  •  Corrosion resistance
  •  Durability

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