Fume Extraction System

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Fume Extraction System

We are Fume Extraction System Manufacturer in India. To shield men employed in industrial plants from toxic chemicals and fumes, VG Engineers Private Limited provides a wide variety of Fume Extraction Systems. The gases and unburned particles of material produced during melting and other industrial processes are contained by the FES.

We have technologically sophisticated, highly effective, custom-made solutions to meet the needs of unique industrial applications, and we meet the requirements of all Pollution Control Boards in India and abroad. Suction hoods with extended arms and personalized hoods are common components of the device. As part of the Fume Extraction System, a centrifugal ID fan is also used.

Application Areas:

  • Welding
  • Sanding
  • Grinding
  • Spraying
  • Powder Filling
  • Chemical Industries
Fume Extraction System

 How it Works

Toxic gases and dust are extracted and filtered from work conditions using fume extractors. The efficiency of such processes is closely regulated by workplace rules. A fume extractor is essentially a piece of equipment that suctions dirty air along with all of its particles and cleans it through a filter (or series of filters) before restoring the now-clean air to the room. Both dust particles and poisonous fumes should be collected inside the filter during filtration (s). The fume extractor fan, which produces the suction flow, and the filters, which clean the air, make this process possible.
fume at industrial
fume at industrial

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