Benefits of Chain Conveyor Systems

In any industry transportation of various materials or finished products is an important task, though it’s not an easy one. That’s why industries are switching to efficient chain conveyors that allow them to move various goods and materials with an ease. But, what exactly are these chain conveyors and how do they work? Let us discuss in detail. Basically, chain conveyor systems is a simple machine that helps in the movement of goods through the product line. They have a continuous arrangement of chain and is capable of carrying several products at a time in a series.

chain conveyor

Usage of Chain Conveyor System

The chain that is connected to the conveyer works with the help of a motor, allowing products to move up and down along the conveyer line. This system is primarily used for transporting heavy load materials such as industrial containers, pallets and grid boxes which are otherwise difficult to carry. The conveyers can have either double or single chain strand depending upon the requirements of the industry. No matter what type of system is being used the mechanism always remains the same. The mechanism works in a way when the load gets positioned on the chain then due to friction the chain starts moving forward, and simultaneously pulls the load forward too with the same method.

Where Can You Find Chain Conveyor Systems?

There are many industries out there that rely on the working of chain conveyor systems and thus use this technology for their production lines. Common industries include the automotive industry that needs this system for convening different parts of the car through finishing and paint plants. Other than this, these conveyers are even used in the painting industry, as it makes painting quite easy by allowing uniform movement of the products. You can easily find many chain conveyor systems installed in the paint industry, where the products usually get attracted to the head of the chain for better application.

However, one thing that should be kept in mind here is that every chain conveyor is not the same. There are a wide range of options available in the market and some of them include:

Pallet Handling Conveyor: This is a simple variant of conveyer system that uses efficient motor for running in four, three, or two strands of chain. Here, the pallets get a direct ride on the chain, transferring it from one point to another. The best thing about this system is that its inexpensive when compared to any other mechanism.

Factory Handling Conveyer: These are medium sized conveyers designed for products and goods that are manufactured in factories. Most of the chain conveyors that are used by manufacturers are factory handling conveyers.

Advantages of Chain Conveyor Systems

There are many advantages associated with the use of chain conveyor systems at various industries. Some of them are:

Easy to Install: Installing this type of conveyer system is quite easy. That is why almost every manufacturers who make these systems comes up with installation services too. They sell the conveyer system along with the installation service. This ensures that you will have a perfect integrated system without any complications.

Flexibility: Another amazing thing about this system is its flexibility. Modifying or upgrading this system is very easy and can be done with the help of right tools. This means that with time when your factory expands or your business increases then you will obviously need more conveyer systems to meet the increase in demands, then at that time you can easily upgrade your existing conveyer systems. Interesting thing is that when you will upgrade your system you need not to purchase a new one, just modify the one that you have and the work will be done.

Affordable: The flexibility, ease of use and durability is something that makes these systems affordable too. As matter of fact with chain conveyors you will never have to worry about any sort of expensive repair or maintenance costs.

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