Centrifuge – When to use it?

Centrifuge - When to use it?

Centrifuge is used for separating solids from liquids. An industrial centrifuge is designed to use intense centrifugal force generated by mass rotation to meet the needs of various applications. They are generally used for large scale fluid separation applications. Think of an industrial centrifuge as a larger version of a lab centrifuge used to mix samples at a much larger scale using a flow-through design that often allows separated solids and/or liquids to continuously exit the unit.

Industrial Centrifuge


When to use it?

  • Inorganic salts filtration & De water
  • Organic crystalline solids filtration
  • Insoluble solids separation
  • Separation of solids from wash water
  • Removing excess oil from fried food items
  • Laundry applications
  • Ex. Salt, Copper Sulphate , Manganese Sulphate etc, Dyes & intermediates, API, KPI, Plastic Teflon ,PP Washing, Etc. Potato Chips , Snacks and other eatables

When not to use?

  • Sticky materials
  • Non Filterable material
  • Colloidal solids separation
  • Very high Temperature material
  • Ex. Slimey material , Milk Solids , Butter , Etc. Molten metal , Molten glass etc. 

Proper Feeding Method

  • Uniform feed should be given in centrifuge via a valve

  • Better solid Concentration

  • Residence time in a centrifuge for dewatering approx 30-40 mins after majority of water of liquid is drained from the mixture.

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