If you want to Cool material on the Belt Conveyors system? further you should read this…

If you want to cool down the material on the Belt Conveyor as it gets conveyed. But you may be thinking about how to go about it and the process parameters required to achieve it. Let us see how we can cool the material on the cooling hood Belt Conveyor and what parameters are required to achieve this.

Equipment  – Cooling Hood For Belt Conveyor


Principle of Operation

Heat gained by cold air is equal to the heat lost by material.

The hot material is fed to the belt conveyor. This material comes in contact wth cold air. The heat gained by air is lost by the material.. Thus the material cools down.

Depending on the degree of cooling required following the types of cooling mediums are used.

  • For bringing down  the material temperature to room temp – atmospheric air is used
  • For bringing down the material temperature to 35-40 deg C Cooling water is used to cool the air
  • For bringing down the material temperature up to 10 deg C chilled water is used to cool the air.

Irrespective of the degree of cooling, in order to bring down the temperature of material rapidly cooling water or chilled water may be used to cool the air.

Components used in the cooling system

  1. Heat Exchanger – To cool the air 
  2. Filters – To filter the air that enters the  heat exchanger
  3. Blowers – to  create the required draft inside the cooling hood
  4. Hood – To contain the cool air on the conveyor.
  5. Sensors -To monitor the inlet-outlet temperatures of the air and material.

Material of Construction in the system

  • Insulation material – EPS or Foam Rubber insulation
  • Insulation cover – SS/Al sheets
  • Fan blades – SS/GI
  • Filter – Polyester fabric/paper filters 
  • Inspection windows – transparent polycarbonate
  • Heat Exchangers – Copper tubes with the body in SS/GI
  • Supporting structure – MS/SS 

Brief Calculations

Heat Gained by Air = heat  lost by material

M x  Cp of Air x  (ΔT) = M x  Cp of material x  (ΔT)

M= mass air can be found using the above equation.

Using this m,

Heat load in kcal  = M x  Cp of Air x  (ΔT)

The heat load can be used to calculate the heat exchanger, cooling water requirement, chilled water requirement, etc.

Images of various components

temperature sensor
heat exchanger for cooling hood
blower for belt conveyor

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