Christmas is an festival celebrated on every 25th December around the world on memorial of JESUS CHRIST which is an spiritual leader teaches the basis of the religion. Christmas is celebrated in many countries with having public holidays majority christians people celebrate this christmas day . Here Let’s see the amazing facts about christmas.

  1.  According to the Bible Christmas is not always on 25th December actually there is not mentioned in the bible the date was chosen by church and christian community to celebrate the birthday of jesus on this date. This date was borrowed from Pegan Traditions which honoured the God of Saturn. In early days main holiday was EASTER. Orthodox Christians celebrate christman on or near 7th January.

2. The giving of gifts come from several ideas. It seems that God gives gift Jesus to the world. There is also other story that wise men came with gifts to baby jesus. Since from centuries people give small gifts to poor and needy people to help them through winter.

3 Christmas tree i an part of celebration on christmas day as traditionally called evergreens which can be “FIR TREE” which cannot loose its fragrance it signifies the spring would return this christmas tree is decorated with sparkling lights, balls. A wreth of leaves is put on the front door of the house as a welcome sign. The Christmas tree was popularized in mid 19th century by Prince Albert Husband of Queen Victoria in England.

4. Santa Claus Story begins in 4th century this name came from St. Nicholes who is living in village myra nowadays called Turkey. He is a most popular saint in christianity. He is well known for his kindness and generousity. He devoted  his time for poor and needy people.

5. As per older tradition cookies in the stockings near chimney  and milk for  santa claus they leave in exchange of gifts. As per American tradition parents tried to teach their children to give to others and shows gratitude for the gifts. Actually hanging stockings tradition is done by accident. It was said that one single father with three daughters families have to pay for dowries in order to get there married.

6. Coca cola played a vital role in shaping the jolly character of santa claus by advertising for shopping reated ads.

7. As per mythology pegans people loves reindeer during the middle ages when pegans peoples are converted into christians their custos becames the part of christmas celebration. Reindeer is for symbolise for creativity, knowledge also representing the safe journey through travels.



8. The Christmas wreth represents the eternity of life. its hung at the door of the house as a invitation to enter the home and bring luck. It represents the crown of jesus may his soul rest in peace.

9. As per pegans belief jingle bells are used to ward off bad luck, disease, evil spirit which produces distinctive sound.


The song jingle bells are also known as one horse open sleigh is one of the most popular song of christmas around the world. It was written in 1857 by JAMES LORD PIERPONT and its meant for thanksgiving. 

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