Silo Blending system

Silo Blending system

Silo Blending system

Working Philosophy

Silo Blending system

Blending occurs by Discharging Material from the bottom and Putting it back in the silo from the top. The bottom-most layer is withdrawn from the Bottom of the Silo and conveyed back to the top of the silo. This material is sprayed on the top of the silo. The repeated action of this kind makes the material uniform in the silo. 

To mix two or more solid materials together it is necessary to move the materials together. This is the principle used in all mixing equipment. Pick up the material from the bottom and put it back on top. Various types of Mixing equipment use mechanical Arms or Augers to churn the material.  In the case of Large Mixing volumes, this is not feasible, as the power requirement may be very high.

In such cases, where the mixing volume is more than 10KL we will advise you to go for Our Silo Blending silos. Our system can easily handle Mixing volumes of 10 KL to 500KL.


  • Dyes, Pigments, Dyes and Intermediates, Pharmaceutical, Pharma API, Food, Agriculture, Mineral Processing,

System Components and Their Applications

  • Silo (10KL to 500 KL) – Material Storage
  • Bin Activator – Smooth Discharge at the Bottom, Avoid Bridging of Material
  • RAV – Provide Airlock for Pneumatic conveying System below
  • Conveying Pipes – Provide Conveying of Material from Bottom to Top
  • Long Radius Bends – Provide a smooth radius of curvature for material at the bends
  • Bag Filter – prevent Dusting while conveying material from Bottom to Top.
  • Suction Blower – Provide airflow for conveying material from Bottom to Top.

Add On Available

  • Silo Charging Systems
  • Silo Discharging Systems

Can Replace

Ribbon Blenders, cone mixers, Nota mixtures, Manual labor mixing, twin cone mixtures.


  • High Volume Mixing per batch (10 KL to 500 KL)
  • Storage included in the Blending System
  • Low power consumption
  • Batch cycle time can be varied
  • DCS, SCADA compatible
  • ZERO dusting – even in dyes and pigment Industries
  • Easy Installation.
  • Zero maintenance
  • Fit and Forget System

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Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss a project that requires scrubber system or schedule a complimentary site inspection.

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Silo Blending System

Silo Blending System Manufacturer & Supplier

Silo Blending System

We are Silo Blending System Manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We manufacture and provide a wide assortment of material handling systems to cater to various industries. We use premium quality raw material. We produce and export a wide range of Blending Silo Systems based on our years of experience. Our products are made from the highest quality materials available.

The Flat Bottom Blending Silos that we have are reasonably priced in the industry. The most recent continuous blending method idea is to use a flat bottom continuous blending silo to continuously blend dry, pulverized free flowing products while minimizing the need for a high degree of fluidization for low power consumption.

The silo is divided into three distinct regions, with material being withdrawn at various speeds from each. Since only a few sectors are aerated at any given time, aeration is used to selectively withdraw material from different sectors, resulting in low real power consumption.

This silo is perfect for new projects as well as retrofitting silos with ineffective blending systems or converting batch blending silos to Continuous Blending Silo systems.


  • Reasonable
  • High performance
  • Quality tested


Silo Blending System

You can see more videos of our products and Trials on our YouTube channel

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