Why do evaporation plants fail?

Major causes and solutions!!!

Material or solution not suitable for MEE
the condensate that recovered has high COD
Condensate has the COD as the feed
Organics present in condensate
multiple effect evaporators

1. Material or solution not suitable for MEE

Many times the feed solution for effluent is not suitable for MEE in such cases MEE should not be used to evaporate the feed examples of such solutions are foaming liquids solutions that don’t crystallize on evaporation liquids Containing colloidal solids etc.

Such effluents solutions should not be handled in an MEE plant incase Such solutions are fed into the evaporator it will not work

2. The condensate that recovered has high COD

COD ( chemical oxygen demand ) sometimes the feed contains lots of Organics there Organics have very high COD hence this type of effluent needs treatment sometimes when such organics are being evaporated these Organics boil over and condensate along with the water in the next effect when this happens the COD of the condensate increases due to presence of the the Organics in Such cases the the MEE is rendered useless

MEE should not be used for such solutions

COD chart
azeotropic mixture

3. Azeotropic mixture

In certain solutions /effluent sometimes the solutions forms an azeotropic mixture it means the composition of the feed material will be same as the condensate the entire solution will boil over and condense and there will be no difference between the feed and condensate this happens mostly with organic materials extreme care should be taken. To see that such a solo should not be feed into the evaporator in case evaporator is used for such solutions then the evaporator will fail

4. Similar B.P.

Solutions Organics with similar BP( boiling point) as water should not be used in a evaporator in case it is used then some or all the Organics present in the feed will boil over into the condensate the condensate of such effluent will have high COD and cannot be disposed off or reused in such a cases MEE should not be used.

multiple effect evaporator

Solutions to above problems

  1. Lab Test
    A proper and scientific lab test should be carried out in the the effluent / solution that will be fed to the Evaporator all the above listed issues should be properly studied in the lab trial itself.

  2. Design, Process, Quality
    Good design philosophy should be followed while designing the MEE proper care should we give to basic parameters like LMTD BPR etc.

    surface area G tubes should be e adequately designed a proper process how & instrumentation should be followed in proper instrumentation will leave the plant handicapped to deal with any fluctuating temp, pressure or feed water.

    A proper quality assurance plan should be prepared this will help in maintaining a proper quality and trust worthiness of the plant.

  3.  Clogging of tubes
    Clogging of tubes is a property of material being fed in the evaporator certain materials have a tendency to clog the tubes of heat exchangers the scaling of tubes is an important aspect of designing of heat exchanger this should be properly Understand in lab itself certain Industries still use the plant in spite of tubes getting clogged they use pressure Jet cleaning technique to clean the tubes on regular intervals.

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