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VG Engineers is a leading manufacturer. VG Engineers provides centrifuge spare parts as well as servicing and repairing all types of centrifuges. bag lifting and bottom discharge are also available. For chemicals, dyes and pigments, drugs and pharma, effluent treatment plants, textiles, and other process industries are available from the company.

Application & Process:

The pharmaceutical, bulk drugs, API, chemical, textile, herbal, oil, and sugar sectors all use centrifuges for liquid solid separation and centrifugal filtering / fluid clarity.
The centrifuge is a basic device that works on the principle of sedimentation and is usually powered by a motor. A centrifuge spins objects around a fixed axis.It rotates objects around a fixed axis, creating a force perpendicular to the axis.
Bottom Discharge centrifuge

Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

Bottom Discharge Type are widely used in the chemical industry because they are made of high-quality materials. Scrappers are used to scrape the centrifuged solids, which can be done manually, pneumatically, or via hydraulic cylinder…

top discharge centrifuge

Top discharge Centrifuge

The Top Discharge Type is a single point suspension that is widely used for filtration-based solid-liquid separation. The machine has a long operational life and allows for quick loading and unloading..

Bag Lifting centrifuge

Bag Lifting Centrifuge

The Bag Lifting Type  is a heavy-duty centrifuge that accelerates quickly and runs smoothly. The bottom opening of the filter bag allows for solids drainage, making solids discharge simple and quick..

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