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Pneumatic Knocker

We are Pneumatic Knocker Manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We manufacture and provide a wide assortment of material handling systems to cater to various industries. We use premium quality raw material.

The key attribute of an impact hammer is the Air knocker. It has a strong magnetic field and a powdering effect. Low air intake, low movement costs, and a positive energy-saving impact are all advantages. The time between strike intervals may be modified. The standard is consistent, and there is a low failure rate. The style is unique and the arrangement is basic. Piston effect resistance, chic (customizable explosion).

A effective auxiliary machinery for powder manufacturing production lines, it is widely used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cement, dyes, pigments, food, electronics, building materials, minerals, environmental protection, and other industries.


  • Highly strengthened aluminum body 
  • Low frequency / continuous impact model, sudden activation / deactivation is allowed
  • Frequency and amplitude of impact can be adjusted as required
  • Direct impact onto target object to produce the optimum vibration feedback. 
Pneumatic Knocker
pneumatic knocker
Dimension table

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Following points covered :
● What is a Pneumatic Air Knocker?
● How does it work?
● When should you use it?
● When is it not advisable to use it?
Bin activator

SP Piston impact vibrator

SP piston impact vibrator


  • Continuos Duty
  • Working temperature: 20 °C  to 110 °C
  • Noice: Approx 100 dB
  • MOC: Cast Iron Body ( Power Painted  )
  • Aluminum cover


  • Cement & Concrete
  • Sugar 
  • Wet Sand
  • Salt
  • Chemicals & Minerals
  • Detergents
  • Fly – Ash
Dimension Table

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